Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
    500 Masonic Lane, Suite C, Henrico, Virginia 23223-4916

"God Is Our Guide"
This phrase has great historical importance to all Masons. It is recited in the opening and closing rituals of the old Stone Mason Guilds and Companies. It is the motto inscribed on the crest of the Masons Company in London, England. Its import is simple – that we, as humans, are in need of divine guidance and assistance. We are informed upon our first entrance into Masonry that no man should engage in any great and important undertaking without first invoking the blessing of Deity. Too often, convinced of our own ability, we fail to heed this admonition. God can give us direction and perspective if only we ask. As we embark on a new year in the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia, let us remember the words in the Charge given to new Most Excellent Masters, that it is one of our great duties to dispense light and truth to the uninformed Mason. We are then told that this is impossible without being completely conversant with all the degrees heretofore conferred on us. If we are to spread light and truth, then we must be seekers after the same. Education and study is our path, and God is our Guide. This leads us directly to our Goals for 2015, the first and most important being Education. Education first for ourselves to better equip us to spread light and truth in our Chapters and our Craft Lodges.
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500 Masonic Lane, Suite C
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